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Our non-surgical butt lift procedures are used to lift the buttocks, contour your lower body, and increase volume using your own fat. The devices used target a combination of the muscles, fat, and skin to improve roundness and firmness of your behind without surgery or injections.

Non Surgical Butt Lift with Injectables

Using injectables for a butt lift is a nonsurgical injection that by lifting and augmenting the but, essentially provides a Brazilian butt lift without the incisions or the downtime. Injectables can shape, contour, lift and improve the skin texture in areas where it is applied, strongly and quickly. Treatments are spaced out every 4 weeks, and patients will typically see results within the first 2 treatments. Recovery from these treatments is also rapid; you may experience mild bruising, some soreness and tightness, all of which will quickly subside. Over time, as your body absorbs the calcium and other natural ingredients in the injectables, collagen production is stimulated, adding further tone and volume so that positive effects are seen in both the short and long term for up to 5 years.

Non surgical Injectable butt lift benefits:

  • Sculpts and contours quickly and effectively
  • Results are evident quickly and last for up to 5 years
  • Stimulates natural collagen production
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Increases volume
  • Safe and nontoxic, using ingredients already in the body
Non-Surgical Butt Lift Abuja

Sculptra Injectable for Contouring and Volume

Vacuum Butt Lift Therapy

Rounded derrieres are always an attractive feature. Many of our clients have an interest in a custom buttock contouring procedure when diet and exercise haven’t worked. Even if you had a round, attractive behind in the past, your skin loses elasticity over time, leading to drooping and sagging. If your buttocks are looking less toned or you simply weren’t blessed with the round behind you desire, vacuum butt lift therapy may be able to help.

SculpSure Non surgical Butt Lift

SculpSure is a breakthrough and proprietary device used in noninvasive body contouring. It uses pulsating laser to safely and swiftly target and disrupt fat cells beneath the surface of the skin to produce natural-looking well-toned results. Its multiple applicators can be placed in a variety of ways to target specific areas of adipose fat cell buildup.

Among the many areas it treats — including the belly, love handles, back and inner and outer thighs — its use as a nonsurgical butt lift is among the most popular with our patients. This is particularly well suited for finer contouring of the buttocks and accentuating volume where we want it by removing from areas where we don’t want that volume.

The wavelength of energy emitted by SculpSure is targeted to and absorbed specifically by adipose tissue to elevate its temperature.

During each of your 25-minute treatments, more than one session of which can be done per day, the laser energy breaks down the molecular structure of fat cells. Over time, these are eliminated by the body’s natural system. Results can be seen in as rapidly as 6 weeks, with the best results appearing in 12 weeks. We recommend a series of treatments for best results.

Throughout treatment, you will feel a cooling sensation on the surface of your skin, and alternating warmth and mild tingling beneath the surface, where the lasers are at work breaking down fat cells. There is no down time after SculpSure treatments, and patients can immediately return to the routine activities.

Non-Surgical Butt Lift Abuja

Non-Surgical Vacuum Butt Lift at Flawless Aesthetic Center

What can I expect from vacuum butt lift therapy?

Vacuum butt lift therapy is a non-surgical procedure that utilizes suction to reshape your behind. The proprietary device contains two suction cups that fit over each side of your buttocks. The vacuum is activated, creating a seal for approximately 30 minutes. The suction power increases blood flow to the area while ultrasound waves begin to break down fatty deposits and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

Is Vacuum Butt Lift Therapy right for me?

Many men and women can use vacuum butt lift therapy to contour their behinds for a more flattering shape. You may be a candidate if:

  • You desire a rounder, firmer butt
  • You wish you had smoother skin with reduced dimples or cellulite
  • You long for a flattering shape that complements your other features
  • You want to fill out your clothes and boost your self confidence

Because vacuum butt lift therapy is non-surgical, virtually any person is a good candidate. You can increase the volume or firmness of your behind without needles, incisions, or other invasive techniques and still enjoy the look of a flattering derrière.

Non-Surgical Butt Lift Abuja

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What is recovery like?

You will experience little to no downtime after a non-surgical butt lift lift therapy. Mild side effects like redness or numbing may occur for a few days after the procedure, but will not impact your ability to go back to work or resume exercise. Vacuum butt lift therapy is often called the “lunchtime butt lift” because it takes less than an hour to complete and does involve any downtime.

What results can I expect?

You will see an improvement in the curvature of your buttocks immediately following your treatment. The suction device can begin to improve the look of your skin and redistribute fat cells immediately, but your results will continue to improve as any side effects subside and your lymphatic system drains fatty deposits. You will likely need multiple treatments to achieve the optimal results.

Why Choose Flawless Aesthetic Center for a Non-Surgical Butt Lift?

Flawless Aesthetic Center is Nigeria’s premier medspa. We stay up-to-date on beauty trends and the latest treatments. Non-surgical procedures can provide a more comfortable recovery, so we like to offer non-surgical alternatives that deliver beautiful, visible results. Our highly trained staff utilize the industry’s latest technology to deliver safe treatment and the round behind you’ve always wanted using our non-surgical butt lift theries.

  • Over 10,000 Aesthetic Procedures Performed
  • 30 Years of Experience
  • Boutique Medspa with a Personalized Approach
  • US founded Medspa located in Nigeria operating under US Laws & Regulations for the Highest Quality Services

Non-Surgical Butt Lift—Frequently Asked Questions

Can non-surgical butt lift therapies work for cellulite?

Our devices can reduce the appearance of cellulite by toning the area and reducing fatty deposits. The bands of tissue that form the tell-tale dimples may also be stretched during the treatment, reducing the tension and easing the appearance of cellulite.

Is a vacuum butt lift an invasive procedure?

A vacuum butt lift is performed using industry-leading suction devices without any incisions whatsoever. This non-surgical procedure allows for very little downtime and immediate results.

How many treatments will I need?

You may see a difference in as little as one treatment, but repeated treatments are often needed to increase the longevity of your results. Anywhere from three to eight treatments can provide results for up to two years, and the procedure can be repeated as needed.

What are the side effects of non-surgical butt lift therapy?

There are mild side effects to a non-surgical butt lift including puffiness, redness and numbness for a few days after the procedure. You will experience little to no downtime and it will not impact your ability to go back to work or resume exercise.

How long do the results of vacuum butt lift therapy last?

The results vary from person to person and because the treatment is non-surgical, results are semi-permanent. It typically lasts up to 6 months.

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